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Thu 24 May 2018 | Views: 9000 | Comments: 3
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To coincide with the release of Biffy Clyro's new album 'MTV Unplugged Live At Roundhouse, MTV will premiere the performance on Friday across Europe & South America and over the coming days around the globe. 

Recorded at London’s famous Roundhouse on November 8th last year, the recording will air in over 50 countries worldwide with all premiere dates and times listed below.

UK - 25th May at 9:00pm
IRELAND - 25th May at 9:00pm
GERMANY -  25th May at 8:35pm
FRANCE -  25th May at 11:15pm
SWITZERLAND - 25th May at 8:35pm
AUSTRIA - 25th May at 8:35pm
SPAIN - 25th May at 12:30am
PORTUGAL - 25th May at 11:30pm
ITALY (MTV MUSIC) - 25th May at 9:50pm
NETHERLANDS - 25th May at 12:00am
BELGIUM - 25th May at 12:00am
SWEDEN - 26th May at 11:00pm
DENMARK - 26th May at 11:00pm
SWEDEN - 26th May at 11:00pm
NORWAY - 26th May at 11:00pm
FINLAND - 26th May at 11:00pm
POLAND - 27th May at 9:00pm
HUNGARY - 26th May at 8:00pm
EURO - 25th May at 9:00pm

AUSTRALIA -  28th May at 11:00pm
NEW ZEALAND -  28th May at 11:00pm

USA (MTV LIVE) - 26th May at 9:00pm
CANADA -  27th May at 7:00pm

LATIN AMERICA (MTV HITS)  - 25th May at 10:00pm
LATIN AMERICA (VH1 NORTH) - 25th May at 10:00pm
LATIN AMERICA (VH1 SOUTH) - 25th May at 10:00pm
LATIN AMERICA (VH1 HD) - 25th May at 10:00pm
LATIN AMERICA (MEGA HITS) - 25th May at 10:00pm

KOREA - 25th May at 11:00pm
JAPAN - 25th May at 11:00pm
CHINA - 15th June at 7:00pm
VIETNAM - 27th May at 9:00pm
PHILLIPINES - 27th May at 7:10pm
TAIWAN - 26th May at 11:00pm
ASIA - 27th May at 7:10pm


Comments (3)

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  1. 25.May.2018 @ 23:56 - agita wrote:

    ........................songs' fluency of this very specificmoment of Life in atmosphere of performance convert
    the time in to another .......in the presence of Your absence ..............moving into unexplained delightful as if ever experienced reality of a dreamy imagination of sence .............. . . ..... ............

  2. 25.May.2018 @ 18:16 - Melmah wrote:

    Damn I just have MTV rock ðð

  3. 25.May.2018 @ 17:21 - Jlsea wrote:

    By the way,
    RUSSIA - 27th May at 11:00 am

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