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Fri 26 Jul 2019 | Views: 22715 | Comments: 25
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Biffy Clyro will return to London this October to play an exclusive Q Awards 2019 Pre-awards show.

The show will take place at the legendary Roundhouse on 15th October, with tickets going on general sale on 2nd August via roundhouse.org.uk.

Pre-sale tickets will be available to TEAM BIFFY members shortly ahead of the general sale with to be emailed to fans early next week. If you're not already a TEAM BIFFY, sign up now by clicking here.

In order to keep tickets to the show out of the hands of touts and in the hands of our fans, we have introduced a number of terms and conditions.

These measures include having names on tickets and also partnering with fan-to-fan ticket reseller Twickets for any fans who can’t make the show after buying tickets and gives a safe option for those fans who miss out on pre and general sale tickets.

  •  There is a limit of 2 tickets per person, per credit card in the UKs. This limit will be strictly enforced.
  • A photo ID will be required to be presented by the lead booker upon arrival at the venue on the night of the show.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any ticket purchase made by any person whom we reasonably believe to be associated with any ticket broker or tout.
  • To enter the venue, each original purchaser and any person accompanying them to the show must be present together on entrance to the venue. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Tickets cannot be resold except via reseller platform Twickets and only then at face value or lower. All tickets purchased through Twickets will require a Twickets purchase confirmation and ID of the lead booker to gain access to the show. Please note a Twickets transaction fee will be applied.
  • All ticket purchases are subject to the standard terms and conditions and Purchase Policy of our ticket partners, as well as these terms and conditions. In the event of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions will apply.

Comments (25)

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  1. 02.Aug.2019 @ 09:31 - anna260660 wrote:

    I feel so lucky to have got tickets, managed 2 in the presale but we are a family of three so my daughter had to purchase one today and I think quite by fluke we got on to the page using an old web address. Will be there with my son and daughter - so special.

  2. 31.Jul.2019 @ 09:46 - waynec wrote:

    Csking can you share your lottery numbers as Iíd like to put a £1 on - you must have the Midas touch !!!, enjoy the show. Donít know how you managed that as I was at position 3,000 plus that was at 845am or something. Talk about feeding the 5,000 with a handful of fish!!!.

  3. 31.Jul.2019 @ 09:19 - csking1992 wrote:

    Got mine! Straight in no queue either! Absolutely buzzing

  4. 31.Jul.2019 @ 09:10 - Robthekenn wrote:

    Was 195th in line - got to zero and got kicked out. now back in like at 3000+
    Not happy!!!

  5. 31.Jul.2019 @ 09:02 - Tony165 wrote:


  6. 31.Jul.2019 @ 08:41 - Kperkins wrote:

    I signed up for the presale tickets but not received any information yet.

  7. 31.Jul.2019 @ 08:13 - CapriCornetto wrote:

    Are we sure Team Biffy is the advanced presale? On the roundhouse site it says there's two. One for advance at 9 and general pre-sale at 1?

  8. 31.Jul.2019 @ 07:56 - waynec wrote:

    Hoping to get a code tickets go on sale at 9am , nothing as yet!.

  9. 31.Jul.2019 @ 06:39 - Lucyfran24 wrote:

    I apparently have an active Team Biffy login but have received NO emails... hoping to receive pre-sale info for tickets this morning! :( *fingers crossed*

  10. 30.Jul.2019 @ 20:01 - Hwite13532 wrote:

    Hey, I haven't received my email for the Roundhouse show yet. Are some still waiting to go out? Thanks, MTB

  11. 30.Jul.2019 @ 16:34 - qotsa wrote:

    Not until tomorrow a.m

  12. 30.Jul.2019 @ 16:09 - Chest87 wrote:

    30.Jul.2019 @ 14:54 - CapriCornetto wrote:
    Has anyone got their code yet?

    I've got an email from Biffy with a link to the presale, but no code...

  13. 30.Jul.2019 @ 14:54 - CapriCornetto wrote:

    Has anyone got their code yet?

  14. 30.Jul.2019 @ 11:54 - stevepudney wrote:

    Anyone received pre sale codes yet .... did either of the last two questions get answers ?

  15. 30.Jul.2019 @ 11:10 - Bossman54 wrote:

    Still waiting for presale code for Roundhouse show any idea when they are being sent out

25 found
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