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  1. 09.Mar.2013 @ 00:38 - Imaz wrote:

    Another great video Biffy, strange to read all the comments online about the video being too American, I'm Scottish and a big Biffy Clyro fan and hey Witt the last two albums being made over in L.A. And the obvious next step being cracking America, what's wrong with that, they have already just won best British band at NME, lets get behind them and and let them be the first great Scottish rock band to break America in a long time (personally loved the hearing "Many Of Horror" on the "Descendants" trailer last year and if being more American in their videos means more exposure for Biffy then awesome, works for me. Plus it makes up for "When we collide", I knows they have more fans now because of it but it kills me to hear kids say "Oh that's the band that covered the X Factor guy", come on.

    Anyway can't wait to see them again next fortnight in Newcastle.

    Mon The Biff

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