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  1. 30.May.2012 @ 22:50 - sid wrote:

    love this track guys

  2. 07.Oct.2011 @ 12:03 - Nash13 wrote:

    I love you Biffy!! The Scottish accent makes me laugh! And this song is awesme. XD

  3. 11.Jun.2011 @ 09:03 - andxangel wrote:

    come back to Prague guys! :p I love you <3 you are the best! :)

  4. 06.Jan.2011 @ 10:39 - D.Wylie wrote:

    come back to portsmouth !... i never see you this time i was on holiday but ive seen you at wembley and the isle of wight and you were amazing !!!.. portsmouth wants you !!!!

  5. 08.Nov.2010 @ 13:42 - CaityClyro wrote:

    Does anybody know what tempo mark this song is at? :) I'm doing it for my A2 Music Tech work, recreating it from scratch... think i'm close, but can't get it exact :( PLEASE!??

  6. 18.Sep.2010 @ 10:03 - 20steele09 wrote:

    Awesome :):) Im going to your concert in November :D

  7. 05.Sep.2010 @ 19:21 - themanwithnoname wrote:

    pure genius, rock on Biffy

  8. 04.Sep.2010 @ 16:20 - aineattack wrote:

    sorry to pester yous. but. COME BACK TO IRELAND DAMMNIT!! that is all.

  9. 07.May.2010 @ 10:42 - contrast wrote:

    Hows MY view of things TODAY? Last night BIFFY CLYRo blew my MIND away raw power at its BEST!!!

  10. 06.May.2010 @ 14:09 - biffy'sgirl wrote:


  11. 20.Apr.2010 @ 14:54 - Doofycake wrote:

    Iv Got A Biffy Stiffy!!!!

  12. 16.Apr.2010 @ 18:23 - buscandoserlibre wrote:

    after years and years of suffering, I thought there were neither music nor word that could fit me, but you did it guys, with no doubts. So, I guess, we didn´t find us.......WE COLLIDED!!!!!!!!! Carlos.

  13. 12.Apr.2010 @ 13:43 - The_Other_One wrote:

    I am bloody gutted!!! You are going to the IOW festival and I can't get the money to go (I LIVE ON THE FUCKING ISLAND) and you are playing at the Portsmouth guild hall and again I can't get the money!! :( But I still love you and this video is brill! :) LOVE LOVE x x x

  14. 08.Apr.2010 @ 00:03 - SeanyPo wrote:

    I watched you guys play this last night at the Norva. I absolutely loved it! I would have much rather seen you headline instead of Manchester Borechestra. I was looking for you guys because I wanted to just shake your hands and say thank you for making such beautiful music, but alas you never came out. Its alright though, I'm sure you'll come back to the states sometime again. As far as the video, it is absolutely phenomenal. I love the idea of saturated film for saturated music. It has this old grainy quality, with it being overexposed and distorted, and I absolutely love it. In an interesting note, its funny that there are bubbles in the film, like the music is physically coming through the film. Cheers on great work!!!!

  15. 06.Apr.2010 @ 20:04 - Anja wrote:

    Cool video! Can I have it on iTunes pleeeease???

17 found
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